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Nostalgia For The Good Old Days

Is there no need for the technology of the past?  I just read a column in a Detroit newspaper about the number of landlines homeowners are abandoning, in favor of using cell phones only.  The column mentions telephone time & temp. The issues of calling 911 aside – are the telephone services of the past destined to be only memories?  Those of us in the Time & Temperature industry think of that topic in  all the time – is there still a need for a public telephone number that quickly and simply gives you the time, temp and forecast?

Rather than rely on our perception of what we think may or may not be needed these days, sometimes it's best to look at the data.  For example, we are aware of a community with a Time & Temperature telephone service.  The number of calls the Time & Temp line receives is higher than the local government website, a local weather website, the local Chamber Of Commerce website and the weekly newspaper's website – COMBINED.  So if a service is still being heavily used – no matter whether it's an established service like Time & Temp or whether it is a newer service like the web, cell phones, texting, etc. – who cares when the technology was developed?  The point is – is the service being used?

And, of course, we have to remember that a substantial number of calls to Time & Temp lines are made from cell phones.  You can read the "nostalgia" here, if you wish.