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Polar Vortex Means Big Business For Time And Temp

The super cold weather that plagued much of the United States in the second week of January caused all kinds of problems, but it gave us insight into the continued popularity of telephone time & temperature systems.  The lower the temperatures – the higher the call volumes to time and temp lines.  

We monitored the Time & Temp services in several small towns through the cold snap, including some systems we own and operate, as well as systems our customers own and operate in their towns.  A brief sampling of call volumes:

* A Time & Temp system in a small town in Louisiana received close to 300 calls per hour over several days

* Another system in a small town in Tennessee also received over 300 calls per hour

* A customer in Indiana logged over 10,000 calls to his system during the extremely cold weather

* Our company-owned Time & Temp service in a small community in Western Pennsylvania saw usage more than five times normal service levels

Similar usage stats were logged by other Time & Temp systems around the nation. And if you include the T&T lines from companies other than ours, Time & Temp likely took tens of millions of calls while the freeze was on. The call counts would have been even higher if there were more phone lines connected to T&T systems – some callers were unable to get through to their local T&T service, experiencing repeated busy signals. 

As we've said before – there is still life in Time & Temp, and when you consider the thousands of calls received to systems in small  to midsized towns during the cold snap – you would likely be hard pressed to find a LOCAL website with even a fraction of that traffic.  The Internet is an important part of daily life, but it's not the ONLY way people obtain and consume information.