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Weather Now

  • Internet Enabled
  • No Outside Weather Instruments
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • Natural Human Speech

Weather Now

If you're considering a Time & Temp service in your town, or if you need a replacement for aging time and temp equipment – Weather Now is a state-of-the-art system that installs easily, runs unattended and costs thousands of dollars less than older style equipment from other manufacturers.


While others charge up to $100 per month for weather forecasts – Weather Now includes custom weather forecasts FREE.


This is what customers who purchased Weather Now have to say:

"Thanks for your GREAT service"


"The system has been awesome. I would be happy to share a couple of lines with respect to the quality, reliability, simplicity of use and value of this machine with anyone you like."


"We love this little box"


 "Thanks for providing a neat unit that has no
maintenance on our part.  One happy customer!"





RTI Media Weather Now

Other Manufacturers

Solid State, no moving parts

Set time with atomic clock

Voices Time & Temp for callers

Voices humidity, wind speed\direction, wind chill, heat index

Rotating ads

System can be monitored via Internet

Announcement feature

# of possible phone lines

2, 4 or 8 Lines

4 lines, expandable

VOIP capable

Automatic Savings Time adjustments

Call Counters per ad

Customized initial greeting

FREE weather forecasts

 (included in monthly service)

(up to $100\mth)

Low Power Usage

Base price

2 Line: $599

4 Line: $1599

8 Line $2199

4 Line = $5000+