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Q) What about the reliability of the Internet?

A) Broadband connections are very reliable these days – millions of websites and other applications depend on the Internet for delivery every day, including phone service, security monitoring and even 911 calls.

Our systems use multiple data providers and multiple servers in different geographic areas – redundancy built throughout the system. Note that our systems get only weather data via your Internet connection – not the voices you hear on the phone.

Our systems also continue answering calls even in the unlikely event of a brief interruption in Internet connectivity. If there is a major storm in your area, it is possible that both phone service and Internet service will be affected.

Q) Your systems appear to be smaller than time & temp equipment from other manufacturers.

A) Just as advances in electronics have resulted in the power of a desktop computer in your cell phone, advances have allowed us to build a Time & Temp system with more features than any system in the world in a smaller enclosure. One of the many advantages to new technology!

Q) Why are your systems so much less expensive than Time & Temp equipment from other manufacturers?

A) Just as advances in electronics have allowed a reduction in size – another result of new technology is lower cost, as well as additional features.

Q) What kind of phone service do I need to plug into a Weather Now system?

A) Our systems are the only Time & Temp systems in the world giving you three choices:

  • You can use plain old telephone service.
  • You can use VOIP phone lines through a VOIP provider's ATA
  • You can use direct VOIP service – please contact us for details

Q) Is there a warranty on Weather Now systems?

A) Our Weather Now units carry a one year warranty.

Q) Who is RTI Media, Inc?

A) RTI is a telephony audio provider, in business since 1991. We have thousands of customers nationwide for our telephone on hold messaging, voice mail greeting and other telephone audio products. We also sell top-quality on hold message equipment. Our Weather Now time & temperature telephone system is a natural extension of our other products – we are experts in delivering high quality audio on telephones.

Q) What about the monthly service fee?

A) The low service fee (starting at $19.95\mth) includes the data feed that provides continuous weather data to your Time & Temp unit, 24\7 monitoring of your equipment, monthly call count information, and remote loading of audio changes. Our advanced systems cost a fraction of the cost of units from other manufacturers (as much as 90% lower in price), offer advanced technology far beyond their older-style equipment (which costs $6,000 +), and offer features not found on any other Time & Temp systems in the world. We are confident that our systems are the best value in the industry, in features, quality and price. Our low prices and high-quality equipment allow Time & Temperature technology to be used in exciting new ways!