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Old Time & Temp Systems Are Showing Their Age

Interesting article in the Dallas Morning News about Time & Temperature history, as well as a mention that the Time & Temp service in Dallas is sporadic, since the equipment is old and not very reliable.  The article mentions that the system gets about 10 MILLION calls per year. 

I've said it before, and it applies in this case – I wonder how many local websites in Dallas get 10 million hits per year?  But while the bank involved in offering the service decides whether to shut off the Time & Temp system to save money – wouldn't it be interesting to see a cost comparison?  Let's compare the cost of creating and maintaining a popular website with the cost of continuing a popular Time & Temp service.  I'll bet it costs ten times more to create and maintain the website – and I'll bet the Time & Temp gets far more calls than the website gets hits. 

And let's not forget – lots of the calls going into Time & Temp services are coming from cell phones.  Older forms of communication are not abandoned – they continue to be used, along with the new forms of communication.  Nothing was "replaced" by the Internet. The Internet is used along *with* the information sources we've always used.

Thanks to Mark Irvine for pointing us to the Dallas story.  The Dallas Morning News has put the story behind a pay wall – you can't read it without being a subscriber to their newspaper (at least the time & temp service in Dallas is free!).  If you would like to read it – send us a note by using the Contact Us page of this website.