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Rap Comes To Time & Temp?

There is a time and temperature telephone service in St Louis that seems to get a bit more attention than one would expect.  It seems that the service is owned by an attorney who uses it to generate attention for his legal practice.  No problem there – we have several lawyers as customers who do the same thing in their towns.  They offer telephone time & temp service free to the community with the goal of bringing attention to their practices.  It works well – their services get tens of thousands of calls per month.

But St. Louis is a bit different – the time & temp attorney there is using rap music in the ads for his practice.  Some of the callers are not happy about that, and they're letting the attorney know.  We wonder if what they say is true – doesn't matter what they say about you – just so they say something!

Read all about it here.  And by the way – our time & temp systems may be on the cutting edge (at least technologically) – but it's not likely you'll hear rap on there anytime soon.